The counterview of Mandatory helmet law is not the only problem MBS have to face

“I have to say Melbourne Bike Share faces a lot of challenges, but we are trying to make more people to know our works,” the Public transport Victoria(PTV) claimed.


The helmet waring labelling on every Melbourne share bike to remind people

In the mail from the PTV student media requires, they said one of the biggest challenges for MBS is about the counterview of mandatory helmet, many people will not carry a bicycle helmet, and even some people are reluctant to take a helmet while government have try to let people more easier to buy a helmet.

“At many retail outlets or vending machines in Melbourne, the price of the helmet is only $ 5. You can send it to one of our retailers for recycling, and our city has 34 stores.”


The vending machine of helmets has lots of size helmet in Southern Cross Station

It is a very simple thing to get a helmet in Melbourne now, Good Cycle Good Cycle is one of the supporters of MBS helmet recycling, and one of their mechanics, Michael Dann, says he is opposed to canceling the law because of security.

“I know that a considerable number of people in Melbourne are opposed to the mandatory helmet policy, however, this law does not want to embarrass people but considerations to avoid danger. As a professional bicycle maintenance staff, I believe the helmet is very important for a rider,” said by Michael.

But the opponents also have their own reasons, according to the Freestyle cyclists survey: the Mandatory Helmet Law (MHL) serves to discourage cycling, which in turn have a negative effect on the health of the community that far outweigh the safety benefits of wearing a helmet.

Bike inforc

Moreover, according to the MBS official questionnaire, there are many reasons why MBS is not willing to use, not only about the mandatory helmet problem, but also because some people have their own bicycles and thus do not want to use MBS, and some because of price problems, but the vast majority of people Did not fill in the reasons.

Campbell said, the area covered of MBS is too small and the density of bikes is too low. He is a person who wants to use MBS but give up.

“MBS is a very good design, it is very environmentally and very convenient, but if I go to work by MBS will delay time.”


Michael also said that the bike road is more crowded now, and the Melbourne area of the terrain to ride more dangerous, especially when people go to get off work during the peak.


The man has his own bicycle on the crowd rood look at MBS

“If you just use MBS to wander, this is not a big problem, but the key is more and more riders and traffic problems which we have to consider. We still have a lot of things to do.”

“So the mandatory helmet is very important, slow development is indeed a problem, but compared with security, I still support this law,” said by Michael.


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